4 day trip to goa

Goa can be defined as a place which is in the list of every youth, desiring to live a carefree life.\n We have obviously made some insane Goa plans with our friends and then never made it to goa. I also happened to be in one of those college plans that never worked out for... Continue Reading →

Must go places in Goa

Goa is a dream destination and there is no doubt about it. Sun, beaches, sand and crazy people, goa has lot to offer. Some of places which are a must go if you visit Goa . The list excludes beaches. THALLASA Parked on rocky cliffs overlooking the sea, one can sit by the pool, sip... Continue Reading →

Happy women’s day

What we observe on women's day are people who always let women down get their head up and shout at the top of their voice and grim about how cool women are , how great they are and how respectful they are.

Habits that are life changing

I have this thing to look for things what successful people do and try to imitate them but the most difficult part is to carryon with the things and make it a general routine of my life. I have watched hundreds of videos on YouTube, read tons of articles on how successful people behave, treat life, what they do, what they think and almost every article, every video, the most common of things is what I am trying to inculcate on my life.

Kolkata Delights

Like any other city this city too has a lot too offer . It has one of the oldest operating ports and shares great history with the British Raj and East India Company. We all have read in our history books about the Howrah Bridge , the Vitctoria Memorial and the river Hooghly. Hence I decided to take a day tour with my friend.

How food delivery apps making us lazy AF

The new age thing is the food delivery app and it's running discount and laziness in these apps. Sunday's are a lazy day and it has become lazier because of these super business ideas, delivering food at our door steps without an inch of discomfort and uneasiness. While Swiggy started the league with its super... Continue Reading →

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