Mummy’s Tips and tricks to avoid the after affects of holi

Things to do Before and After Holi

Holi is the festival of colours but first pre colour your body with these lucrative ingredients so that you enjoy the colourful festival with full fun. We all know the after colour affects of holi and how exactly we feel after we are done with the holi party. I am jotting down some tips my mom always gives before i run out of the house to enjoy. These home remedies are not to be ignored to enjoy a safe holi.


Before jumping into colours


  1. Deep massage your scalp and hair with oil, like coconut or olive oil it helps in taking colours out smoothly involving less efforts. This has been the one little advice i have always abide by and turns out to be the most useful one.




  1. Dab lotion all over the body such that dry colours doesn’t cause rashes and patch to the skin.

  1. Applying of Vaseline jelly or lip balm to the lips and nail paint coating can further help for the prevention of stubborn colours


  1. But the most important of all is to keep one hydrated. Yes. Dry colours in the body create mis-balance. Keep consuming liquids in small interval. i always tend to ignore this one but water do keep our body cool and helps us enjoy .


After the colourful session is over , one can keep these things in mind


  1. First things first! For extra color in hair stand in the running water. After that Leave the shampoo for sometime rinse and repeat.


  1. For body use mild soaps or alternatively pack of besan with rose water and turmeric also works or applying of curd all over helps in faster removal of colour. Avoid scrubbing in the body as it will cause rashes


  1. Most important use cold water in the process , not the hot as it gets tougher in the process .




Now go play colours . Happy colouring!


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