Rajbari Bawali- The Golden Heritage

Rajbari Bawali: The Heritage Property

To find out a place nearby Kolkata is a task for a good weekend gateway. The Rajbari Bawali is one such place which is adding to the list of few places you should visit nearby Kolkata. I got to know about the place through social media. The look of the property seemed interesting and I wanted to bet on it. The kind of place we wanted to visit on our six month anniversary as it appeared peaceful and soulful. The images of the property seemed very interesting. And we checked in the property at the very first look of the property you feel deserted and might feel to go back, I had the same feeling but I decided to give it a try. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I had already booked the zamindar category room and was warmly welcomed by the host.

The Zamindari room at Rajbari Bawali
Pure pleasure to stay at heritage Suites

The grandeur of the palace seemed super energetic and it amused us. We got excited for a whole new experience. The room was magical. Everything was in proper place and authentic the feel of heritage in Bengal, the bed the cupboard the washroom. We actually lived it. There are no television sets in any of the rooms, that adds up to the solitude you want to spend with your loved ones. The coordinates there treats you like a family giving their heart out to make this holiday special for everyone. The tea time across the pool and the rain added accessories to the beautiful place. The evening aarti is a very refreshing thing to add to the plus points.



Diyas lightened up in the stairs the sankh and the prayers giving a musical hymns that truly lightens the soul . Followed by which was the Local troop which sets the pleasant mood .Their soulful voices are amazing. They also have an arrangement for a band which sings all kind of songs from Bollywood to raps to jazz. A perfect mood setup for munching your food.

An experience and hostage worth your time, privacy and quality time with your family to bang on.


raj 4
The Rajbari Bawali

Website: http://www.therajbari.com/

Happy Holidays

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