Drape Sarees to look for this wedding season

Indian saree and auspicious ceremonies go hand in hand. Even though gowns and contemporary dresses have taken the fashion market, but love for saree is always preserved. It is always the first choice for looking elegant yet classy.

Traditional sarees like Banarsi, Silk, Patola are in huge demand. People love to explore the different styles in saree.

Refer: https://fashionfunindia.wordpress.com/2018/03/13/indian-fabrics-our-rich-cultural-heritage/


Dolly Jain, the only saree draper in India showed her zeal and can drape the saree in 18.5seconds. She can drape sarees in more than 125 styles and has no competitor against her.

One can visit her website to see different styles of draping she does.

Webpage: http://www.sareedraper.com/index.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DollyJainStylist/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dolly.jain/?hl=en

Here is a video of some of her ideas and skills.

Sarees have taken a different stand altogether. Indian designers are working their ass off to give saree a contemporary look. From Sabyasachi to Anamika khanna to Tarun Tahalani , all have given a different definition to sarees. Celebrities also have taken the concept of contemporary sarees to NEXT LEVEL.

Some of these are a must in the wardrobe.

Cape Saree

Deepika Padukone, the leading actress and model has been pulling off these cape sarees in style. Sabyasachi’s new collection has a lot of cape sarees. These give sarees a very different look.
There are different types of cape sarees .One can be referred to as the ponchu saree while the other is along trail saree attached to the blouse. Both the concepts are unusual and the look that comes out is very refreshing and new.

deepika cape saree 1
Deepika Padukone in a Sabyasachi Cape Saree
cape saree 2
Disha Patani in a Cape Saree

Dhoti saree

Sonam Kapoor, the style icon has been pulling of these dhoti sarees with utmost grace and style
Dhoti sarees are easy to wear concept sarees which gives a different look and meaning all together.
The first of its kind was designed by Anamika Khanna in her 2014 Fashion Week where both Sonam Kapoor and Anamika were seen wearing it with extra comfort and style. These sarees have been adorned by different bollywood stars in different occasions. They give sarees a very modish look.

Sonam Kapoor in a Dhoti Saree by Anamika Khanna
dhoti 4
Sonam Kapoor in a baje Dhoti Saree

Jacket saree

Anamika Khanna has been designing contemporary sarees for a while now and this one is just classic. After the Dhoti sarees the next look she came up with was the jacket sarees. The long jacket sarees gives a long trail look. These can also be of different types depending on the look we want. The short look looks chic while the long jacket looks classy.

Sonam Kapoor In Anamika Khanna Jacket Saree
The Jacket Saree giving a trail look

Pleated saree

Pleated sarees are sarees which can be easily draped. These sarees are pre stitched (i.e. the pallu and the pleates are pre stitched). Lately Shilpa Shetty has been wearing these pleated sarees in most of her appearances for her shows. Mostly designed by designers like Tarun Tahalani, Shivan and Narresh .They depicts ethnic look with contemporary style. These easy to wear sarees are very in. Every girl should have a piece or two in her wardrobe.

Shilpa Shetty in a pleated Saree gown by Manish Malhotra
Shilpa Shetty in a Shivan and Narresh pleated belt saree

The Velvet saree

Anushka Sharma is an icon when it comes to wearing traditional stuff. She has been carrying these Sabyasachi’s velvet sarees like a boss. Her engagement saree was a rage among people. The last time when she wore this purple velvet saree, people were in awe. This saree is a definite try and one can always look to dress up in these to look beautiful and elegant at the same time.

Anushka Sharma in a purple velvet saree by Sabyasachi
velvet 5
Anushka Sharma in a velvet saree for her engagement
velvet 3
A model wearing a velvet Sabyasachi saree in a ramp show

These contemporary pieces are keeping the fire in saree alive. Designers and celebrities are peeping things up to make this look extraordinary. Recently Kim Kardashian wore a red Sabyasachi saree for a magazine and dazzled. The six yard cloth is a piece of sheer elegance.

As they said

When class and couture shook hands , saree was born.

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