Top 5 Destinations in India one should visit for their perfect Wedding Dresses

Top 5 Destinations in India one should visit for their perfect Wedding Dresses

Weddings are considered to be one of the most auspicious occasions in India. It is fun and engaging. Everyone dreams to have a wedding of life and why not as it is a life changing event both for the bride and the groom.

Shopping is one such part of wedding which is considered to be appealing, but trust me it is one of the toughest tasks. It is very difficult to decide on what to purchase so that you have an startling collection of clothes for your trousseau.

We have got Kolkata Ka work, to Jaipur Ka gota, to Delhi Ka tadka. India is full of places to shop for the wedding attires. From your wedding dresses (lehangas) to saris, traditional silks to bandhini there are so many things to chose and decide.

Wedding Dresses
Wedding Dresses Shopping

I decided to sort five destination you should definitely go to have the best collection of wedding dresses.

Delhi: Delhi is one destination which you should undeniably go. Delhi is also known as the designers’ hub. Delhi is filled with designers store and well as local stores for your every need. Chandni Chowk as we rightly say Delhi-6 is the place to bang on. Delhi offers glitter as well as classy stuff. While Chandni Chowk has all the local stores to get the wedding dresses done, Hauz Khas has all the designers dwelling. Delhi should definitely be on the list.

Varanasi: Every Indian bride would want a Benarasi silk sari as part of her trousseau. Made in the city of Varanasi, these saris are amongst the finest you can find in India. Banaras has a feel of tradition of India. With Benarasi fabrics being very in, Varanasi definitely have to be on the list. Benarasi sari has always been filmed in Bollywood as the most loved one. Chowk in varanasi is the area where you will find different shops have a very good collection of self weaved saris and lehangas. The Chowk is lined up with shops selling well-designed silk clothes, beautifully printed and embroidered salwars of different materials.

wedding dresses
Beautifully crafted benarasi silk weaves in form of lehangas and sarees

Jaipur: The pink city has so much to offer when it comes to shopping for wedding dresses. Jaipur is a place which defines wedding to ultra classy level. The traditional colours, leharia saris and dupattas. The traditional gota work is very famous and one can opt to look for different variety of gota saris and lehangas from this amazing pink city. Jaipur and Gujrat are also famous for their intricate Bandhinis. Both the places offer great bandhej saris and lehangas which are a must for the trousseau.


Kolkata: The city of joy is always the first place I would recommend for your wedding trousseau shopping. With the best karigar(craftsmen) and designers , this place happens to be known as the shopping capital. With thousands of stores in the city Kolkata turns out to be the preferred among the lot. There is no dearth of designer outfits this place has to offer. With famous zardosi work to embroidery work Kolkata offers everything. Another reason to visit Kolkata is definitely our favorite designer Sabyasachi, the famous sensational buzz who is the master in designing wedding dresses and lehangas. I would personally recommend to visit his store once to have a lifetime experience.

Beautifully Crafted Wedding Dresses
Beautifully Crafted Wedding Dresses

Chennai : Silks are a definite yes for any occasion. The south India is the manufacturing hub of silks. Kanjeevaram silk- being the most famous, there are different variety of silks this part of the country has in offer. Kanjeevaram silk are considered to be very auspicious for the newlyweds. South India has in offer different variety of silk weaves with different styles and patterns. I prefer kanjeevaram silks over anything. A must for a wedding trusses

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Wedding defines unity , fun and amazing memories. Shopping always adds to the glamour it has to offer.

Happy weddings.

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