How has SILK and Handloom Banarsi sarees taken a leap over other sarees

Saree has always touched Indian women essence in the deepest possible way. It is the earliest form of fashion assemble adored by Indian women and has seen huge changes in the recent few years. The demand for embroidered sarees with intricate work has seen a huge drop-down and Handloom sarees in the form of silk and banarsi sarees have seen a huge rage among people in the recent years.

The traditional Banarsi sarees have taken over the embroidered and printed sarees in a massive way. Everyone is now adorning these beautiful banarsi silk sarees in weddings, in appearances. these sarees have become a rage among celebrities from different genre.

Rekha the veteran actress has always maintained a love for the kanjeevaram silk sarees and people do look up to her when they want to look as elegant and as graceful. She has made kanjeevaram silk very popular among Indian women. Also actresses like Vidya balan, Diya Mirza have started wearing banarsi silk sarees in most of their appearances over the embroidered sarees. Sabyasachi has always adorned his love for these banarsi silk sarees and are always a major part of his couture collection every year. These banarsi and silk sarees are mostly handwoven.

Two new designers Ayush Kejriwal and Gaurang Shah have been working towards these traditional weaves and making them the new trend. Ayush is seen revamping these beautiful Patola sarees from Patan in Gujarat (Also known as Patan Patola) and giving them a whole new style and class. Gaurang Shah on the other hand is energising these Banarsi sarees into a whole new contemporary look.

Instagram: Ayush Kejriwal

Instagram: Gaurang Shah

Stats particularly show that people are now inching more towards the traditional silk sarees from  which are widely available in Varanasi , Gujarat , Tamil Nadu.

Silk sarees have always been a favourite among wedding shoppers. A kanjeevaram silk saree is a must down south in any weddings.

Banarsi and silk sarees have revamped traditional fashion again. Also brocade banarsi lehangas , suits are in huge demand.

To give handwoven fabrics and Handloom karigar their due respect and honour, 7th of August is celebrated as National Handloom day in India.


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