“Zero To One” by Peter Theil; Review

All happy companies are different: each one earns a monopoly by solving a unique problem. All failed companies are the same: they failed to escape competition.

Zero To One

Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

There are times in your life when you come across a book or a movie which makes you think and re-think about the ways of doing things. One such book I came across was Zero To One by Peter Thiel which has kept me awake all night thinking about the possibilities and ways one can become accustomed to make a valuable company.
Zero to One is an excellent book for people who want to comprehend what differentiates good companies from great ones. The book beautifully describes the issues which a startup needs to focus on to make itself a value company. The book is gripping as well as thought provoking.

Strictly kept under 200 pages, zero to one offers its readers a quick read with mind changing concepts.

Some of the examples and instances make us think on the concepts we need to absorb in our business to be a valuable company. The concept of 0-1 and 1-n has been beautifully explained.

“The only way to go from zero to one in a competitive business is by being 10x better”.

Peter Thiel in his book zero to one brilliantly describes what an entrepreneur should look up to when he or she thinks of starting or expanding a business. He has very superbly explained the secret to success mantra. He clearly explains the difference between a monopoly business and a competitive business and what their thought process is. It motivates us to think beyond cloud and to nurture and make something extraordinary which has a value in future. He himself being a successful entrepreneur and co founder of PayPal has laid down definite ways to build a valuable company. Peter has clearly explained the thought process which is required in making a successful company. The process Venture Capitalists goes through while making investment decisions.

It is a must read for entrepreneurs and students. It will definitely make you to think differently in the ways you choose to do your business. Highly recommended for someone looking for a thought provoking session in his/ her business ideas.

The best problems to work on are often the one nobody else even tries to solve

With his unique ideas and thoughts he has taken PayPal to new heights. He explains how great entrepreneurs are revolutionary; How they are goal oriented and see the future ahead of their time.

This book has some great examples of success and failure and how they differ in their approach. He has described the monopoly business in a very unique way and has desired people to think about how to create great monopoly company.

Monopoly is the condition for every successful business

It is a must read if you want to start something new or want to change the ways you do your business.


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