6 effective steps to overcome laziness

The most irksome thing in this world is to wake up feeling groggy. Everyone has tons of tasks to do throughout the day and if we feel lethargic early in the morning, the day is going to be tougher. This was a constant matter in my life and I was not happy about it. I decided to sleep as early as possible so that I wake up fresh and good, but that didn’t work either. Finally I decided to overcome my morning laziness with some good advice from my mother. She listed me some of the coolest hacks which made me more active and more energetic.

I have been trying these for almost half a year and the results are tremendous. I have started to feel more relaxed and energetic. I am putting more efforts to anything I do and most importantly I am happy about waking up and marking each day as an important day of my life. It is rightly said, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.


This is the most important thing we need to do to keep ourselves energetic. The simple logic is that in a day we have 24 hours out of which we need to give only 24 minutes to our body. Exercise doesn’t mean hitting the gym and doing the weights, it is general stretching. Early morning exercise increases metabolism and gives us immense energy to work throughout the day.


Acupressure provides instant energy and keeps us healthy. This does not mean knowing the proper points and pressing them. The simple exercise of rolling a pen in our hands can revitalize a lot of energy we need for our daily activities.


Sparkling a splash of cold water in our eyes can give us a lot of energy and is one of the most important thing to do in the morning. Water gives you instant energy when we wake up and take the sluggishness out of our system.

Also having a glass of warm water in the morning helps us rejuvenate our energy. It takes out the extra oil we had throughout the day and keeps our stomach and food pipe clean.


A cup of coffee or a cup of tea only gives us instant energy for about 10-20 minutes as what we intake is direct sugar but fruits keeps us energetic for almost 3-4 hours as it contains fiber and releases its energy steadily when we need. Also having dry fruits is good for our morning routine. I have developed a habit of having 5 almonds daily early in the morning to keep me energetic.

Self control

In today’s world mobile has overpowered and taken a grip over us. We sleep with checking our phones, we wake up doing the same. The light and radiation from our phone early in the morning takes up the energy we gained while sleeping.

We need to avoid our mobile phones early in the morning. The 30:30 rule should be applied while doing that. Don’t use the phone for 30 minutes at least when we wake up and vice versa for sleeping. It takes all the energy and makes us dull and languid.


Cleanliness is very important for energy and metabolism. A clean environment automatically invites good vibes and makes us feel good about everything. Suppose our room has dinner plates lying there after use, or opened beer bottles after the party, or an dirty bedcover or bed sheet, we are definitely going to wake up dull and dreary. The best way to start this hygiene is keep our wardrobe clean and beautiful. It really works. If our clothes are well kept and ironed we feel good about it and it helps us to avoid the laziness we have.

These small things can make a change in a big way.

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