Pyjamas are forgiving by twinkle Khanna; review

Pyjamas are forgiving: Twinkle Khanna

The story revolves around the girl who wants to balance her internal imbalances and meet her ex husband at the Ayurvedic institute where they have been together before as a couple but now her ex husband is with a young wife. The narration has been beautifully penned down throughout the book. The experience of Ayurvedic spa gets into you, the changes in body due to treatments be in form of drinking ghee, oil massages or strict food and how it works wonders.

The girl marries the person even knowing that he is a chauvinist and changes herself according to his likes and tastes. He continues to mock her throughout the course of their marriage and she surprisingly is okay with it, even when he compares her to The Joker for wearing red lipstick. And one day he leaves her because the new love of his life makes him feel young and alive.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself

If you stack up a pile of half truths what you get is half a pile of lies

People see the truth as a compass but in reality a pendulum

All the memories of past flashes back and they rebound again with the new hopes and new beginnings.

She finds it how irony is that before he used to tell lie and meet his new love of life and now in the institute he lies again to his wife but to meet his ex wife.

But will there be new beginning or its a falling trap with no way out. As it is said in book pyjamas are forgiving, it’s the jeans that holds the grudge. Decide for yourself to be a jeans or pyjamas.

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Pyjamas are Forgiving

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