Think and grow rich ; summary

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and grow rich was written right after the great depression of 1929, yet it holds true in the 21st century. This book offers a great read and surely unleashes the secret to be rich and happy. The lessons unquestionably helps is evaluating the secret to success. The chapters take deep insights in the concept of desire backed by faith to achieve great success in life. The author has backed the thought with examples from living legends and makes us believe in the power of Desire which he feels is the starting point of all achievement.

“Desire backed by faith knows no such word as impossible”

This book clearly progresses by giving productive ways to make life meaningful full of riches. He progresses by giving us insights into the steps to success. Faith in oneself when mixed with desire can give the most stupendous results. Faith when induced in our sub conscious mind can make us overcome all hurdles and overcome any obstacles.

If you think you are beaten, you are
If you think you dare not, you don’t
If you like to win, but you think you can’t, It is almost certain you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost
For out of the world we find, Success begins with a fellow’s will
It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are,
You’ve got to think high to rise, You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man, But soon or late the man who wins

Nepoleon Hill has artistically penned down 13 principles which holds true in today’s world as well and makes this a captivating read. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience this book has offered me.

The book also put its perspective towards society and the culture. The principals to riches have been beautifully drafted and elucidate down in this book. The author believes that following these principals one can achieve success and riches in life. He has beautifully penned down the thought process which goes on to making a successful person.

Definitely a must read for people who have lasting desires and want to convert these desire and dreams to reality.

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Think and Grow Rich


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