Trip to Sikherji

A family trip to one of the most holiest places is always exciting and rejuvenating. Shikharji or Sri Sammeta Sikharji also known as the Parasnath Hills, located near Giridih, in Jharkhand state, India, is a major Jain pilgrimage destination and one of the most sacred places for Jains in the world. According to Jain belief, twenty of the twenty-four Tirthankaras (teachers of the Jains) attained Moksha (Nirvana) from this place.

The pilgrimage to Shikharji is a round trip of 27 km through the Madhuban forest.

The best way to reach Shikharji is by train. One can find trains to Parasnath station in Jharkhand and from their local cabs are available which will take you to Shikharji.

Also people who love road trips with friends and family, this one has a lot to offer. One can book a cab from Kolkata and reach Shikharji directly.

We hired a cab from Kolkata and it takes almost 6 hours to reach Shikharji.

Sunrise in Kolkata taken from one plus 6
Sunrise in Kolkata

The road trip is always great with so many things to explore. Cities such as Durgapur, Asansol and Dhanbad have so much to offer. Land of steel, Durgapur is a developed town with all amenities of a metro city.

Isri was our first destination where we could find Jain temples to worship. It was almost 325kms from Kolkata. An idyllic experience. I have never found a more peaceful place than the Jain Mandir’s here. It was all serenity and peace. This place is filled with greenery. The views are amazing.

It takes almost 6-7 hours to reach Shikharji rom Kolkata. But the road trip has such amazing views to offer. After crossing the city of Dhanbad, on our way we could find amazing mountain views. One can also see the top of the Parasnath hill, Also miniature structures of the temple located above the mountains can be seen from naked eye.

Sikherjee has so much to offer. Jain temples all around and this holy place is filled with bhakts from all over India. There are many places to stay here. The newly opened Sidhayatan offers a very pleasant stay. The rooms are perfect. It also offers good food with all good amenities like gym, play room for kids.

There are many Jain temples in the town. People generally visit here to visit the top of the Parasnath hill and have the opportunity to worship the Jain Tirthankars here. There are thousands of devotee coming from all over the world to worship in this holy place. It takes almost a day to worship all the temples here. If one wants to visit the hills, one needs to be prepared. It is almost 27 kms bare foot to and fro journey. One can hire doli(carriage) and go. It takes almost a day to visit the hills and come back. People generally start their journey early in the morning at around 3-4 a.m. in the morning and complete in by 4-5 in the evening. But it is worth it to visit the top of the mountains and connect to god. There is all peace above there with enchanting views from above the top.

The Parasnath tonk  visible from far off on our way to shikerji
The Parasnath tonk visible from far off on our way to shikerji
Jain Mandir
Jain Mandir

Shikharji is one of the most amazing holy places I have ever been to. It is an experience of a lifetime to visit and experience the grandeur of your religion. One such holy experience which soothes your mind and gives you inner peace.

Sunset view after leaving from Shikerji
Sunset view after leaving from Shikerji

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