Trip to Dharamshala and Mcleodganj

Thinking of mountains and Himachal Pradesh goes hand in hand. Dharamshala is one of the most amazing places in Himachal and is known for its beauty and serenity. It is an overnight journey from Delhi which makes it easy to reach as compared to other places in Himachal.

We boarded the train and reached Pathankot. There are bus and cab services available from Pathankot to Dharamshala and one can reach easily to Dharamshala.

We booked D Polo Resort and Spa at Dharamshala. The experience at the hotel was wonderful. We had a mountain facing view room and the view was astounding.

View from D Polo club and resort

View from D Polo club and resort

I feel photographs can’t describe the real beauty as these mountains and greenery were flowing with us throughout the journey.

Next on our list was the Dharamshala cricket stadium which is known to be the at the highest altitude almost 1457 m above sea level. The view from the stadium was fascinating. One can see the snow covered mountains while enjoying a great cricket match. The cricket ground is well maintained and is one of the most attracted tourist destination in Dharamshala.

The  HPCA cricket stadium in Dharamshala

The HPCA cricket stadium in Dharamshala

Our next attraction was the war memorial followed by the tea gardens which I enjoyed personally for it’s peace and calmness. There were huge gardens with such greenness and placidity.

Tea gardens

Tea gardens

We then headed directly to Mcleodganj which is around 7 kms from Dharamshala. Mcleodganj too had so much to offer. The H.H. Dalai Lama center was the epitome of peace and quietude. Everything was so calm about the place. People dressed in red and yellow outfits chanting prayers in sync was a mind relaxing experience. One could sit there for hours and enjoy. I was very relaxed by the experience .

Dalai Lama center

Dalai Lama center

We then visited the Bhagsunag waterfall. Purest form of water flowing down the mountains and people enjoying the beauty of the same was a treat to the eyes.

The next point of attraction in Mcleodganj was the Naddi view point. The whole day I was looking forward for the sunset time and was excited for the same.On one side it offers the scenic mountain views and on the other the mesmerizing sun set views.

We reached half an hour before the sunset to grab the right seats of the cafe. There are many cafes which has delicious Maggi and chai to offer. It was one of the most beautiful part of the day where I witnessed tranquility and beauty with food that suites my tastes buds. The Naddi view point also offers the zip line experience. Though it is quite expensive but a must try for the amazing view it offers.

Sunset view from Naddi point

Sunset view from Naddi point

The scenic mountain view from the naddi point
The scenic mountain view from the naddi point

It was an amazing experience and had a wonderful day exploring the beauty this city has to offer.

The day doesn’t ends there , the mcleodganj market also know as the Tibetan market had plenty to offer, from warm shawls to warm gloves. The local market was crowded and lively throwing the local food and handicrafts at reasonable prices.

One day is enough to explore the bits this city has to offer.We had plan for the next day as well. We had booked our camp for the most amazing experience of my life. The triund trek.

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