Triund Trek

Triund Trek

Like any young heart the idea of camping thrills the mind for a perfect scenic beauty. After many research we decided to take this trek as our first experience in the world of trekking. It is 9km one way and 3200 feet above the \sea level.

We started our trek at 10.30 in the morning from Dharamkot through the thick forests. It almost takes an hour to reach the Gallu Devi temple where the check post is located. Everything is checked and noted from pet water bottles to food. One is neither allowed to throw any waste up nor can carry alcohol along.

The actual journey starts from the check post and the destination is almost 5-6 hours from there. The first target is the midway point which takes almost 3 hours to reach. The point is known as the magic view point. The view from the midway or the magic view point is astounding and you witness calm and peace from above. One can have the packed lunch provided at the beginning of the journey amidst this majestic views. The midway café also offers food options from Maggi to all varieties of biscuits and chocolates.

After that one crosses various curves where one can witness peace and serenity by taking pause, closing your eyes and listening to the heartbeats of nature. Sheeps and goats gazing around in the lush green tracks are treat for your eyes. As we move towards the top the trek it becomes steeper making it little exhaustive but the efforts to see the beauty at the top is worth bearing all the pains.

It takes almost 2-3 hours from the midway point to reach the top of the trek. You can see the structure of clouds a little more clearly, and could almost feel like you can touch the sky. After resting for a while we had our share of Maggi and tea which has its own unique charm watching the sunset right besides us.

It is one of the most amazing feeling to witness sunset from the mountains. The mountains offer such scenic beauty. We had an amazing time clicking photographs and chilling with some of the guys in our group. We were standing in the middle with Dhauladhar range on our left and sunset in the right enjoying the sound of wind which was a treat for our eyes and soul.

As the sunset progresses it gets cold and windier. The experience of lying beneath the galaxy of stars is one of its kind. We had the most amazing moments witnessing the stars from above the mountains. It gets colder in the morning as the temperature drops to even 0 degree.

Then comes the thump of joy when you witness the sunrise right before your eyes from the mountains. It slowly approaches towards the city and makes us feel warmer. The breezes just takes your heart away.

Then post breakfast the journey to the check post begins again. Descent is usually the most risky part of any mountain expedition.The same route is followed back and it takes approx. 4 and half hours to reach back to the Gallu Devi temple.

For everyone who has been saying how amazing this sounds, we thought of giving up multiple times. Our feet were drenched, cold and slowly going numb, still the ignite to complete the trek kept us going. From the Gallu Devi temple, cabs are available and if one is exhausted he can cover the last 2 Kms through the cab.

*Best time for trek*

April to June (preferable) and September to mid November.

*Weather Condition*

Day time it is generally hot up to 28degrees and after sunset it is cold with cool breezes up to 0 degrees.

*How to reach*

Nearest airport : Gaggal (expensive flights)
Nearest station : Pathankot Cantt (overnight train from Delhi)
By bus : HRTC/local buses running at regular intervals
By cab : minimum Rs 12/km

*Things to carry*

Backpack with warm clothes only as there are small shops in small intervals where food and water can be easily purchased.

*How to complete the trek*

Self motivation with good music on phone 🙂

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry any rain for usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky”

Rabindranath Tagore

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