How food delivery apps making us lazy AF

The new age thing is the food delivery app and it’s running discount and laziness in these apps. Sunday’s are a lazy day and it has become lazier because of these super business ideas, delivering food at our door steps without an inch of discomfort and uneasiness.

While Swiggy started the league with its super powerful idea of delivering food to people by tying up with restaurants and making people eat in their comfort zone, Zomato and food panda followed it. Uber eats was the last to add on the track and we are loving the kind of service they are delivering .

Inspite of the incident last week where a video was viral of a Zomato delivery boy eating our food, the experience has been great.

So when me and my wife decides to have a lazy Sunday, lying inside the blanket and do nothing, these super apps help us to satisfy hunger with n number of restaurants and in decent time so that we can have get over our hunger.

I was more than happy when swiggy cracked billion dollar investment. It meant more restaurant options, quicker delivery and some good discount at door steps.
It raised nearly $1 billion from a clutch of investors this week, making it the largest online food venture in India valued at $3.3 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

It is also cracking some good business for restaurant owners who are now getting business even if they are situated in remote areas. A recent chat with one of restaurant partners with swift and Zomato claimed that the orders have racked high up to 200 percent on weekends because of these food delivery apps.

These modern day apps are changing the way we are living. They are providing us with better service and opportunities. Life has become easier and lazy.

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