Kolkata Delights

A day trip to Kolkata -the city of Joy!

Like any other city this city too has a lot too offer . It has one of the oldest operating ports and shares great history with the British Raj and East India Company. We all have read in our history books about the Howrah Bridge , the Vitctoria Memorial and the river Hooghly. Hence I decided to take a day tour with my friend.

We started our day early by visiting Belur Math, a temple which is the headquarters of the Ramkrishna Mission founded by Swami Vivekananda on the banks of Hoogly river . It was quietude there with the beautiful view. The weather was supplementing the solitude environment.

Then we headed straight to Princep Ghat, which is also a local station and the backdrop is the river , it was so calm and soothing , there were local people who were enchanting songs in the regional language. It was fun to be there.

We then went to the Cathedral Church it is located on Cathedral Road, also known as “island of attractions” in Kolkata, along with the Victoria Memorial, Nandan, Rabindra Sadan theatre complex, and the Birla Planetarium. The church was built in 80’s however after the earthquake it was partially crashed and rebuilt again in 90’s. It attracts a lot of tourist and offers peace and calmness within.

After that we went to Victoria Memorial it was a perfect sunset time, we clicked few pictures and then we went inside the museum. We were mesmerised by the ancient collection of the history. The east india company seal, Rabindranath Tagore Nobel prize, specimens of postal stamps , letters written from the jail during British Raj . We spent an hour there and read the entire journey right from the beginning till the capital was shifted to Delhi from Kolkata.

Overall it was a fun day dipped into the glimpses of past , we went to New Market area to have local food and do local shopping and bring souvenirs for the loved ones.

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