Habits that are life changing

I have this thing to look for things what successful people do and try to imitate them but the most difficult part is to carryon with the things and make it a general routine of my life. I have watched hundreds of videos on YouTube, read tons of articles on how successful people behave, treat life, what they do, what they think and almost every article, every video, the most common of things is what I am trying to inculcate on my life. I have made a note of 4 habits which all successful people have. I am trying to imitate them, I am trying hard to inculcate it in my daily routine

1. Wake up early.

There is no science in this. When I was studying in at Xavier’s college morning, all my mentors and teachers were always speaking about college being over by 10 and I have a full day to work upon myself. I always ignored and use to waste my time sleeping after college, use to awake half of night watching Netflix. It is after reading so many articles and watching so many videos I realised that I have wasted enough of my time by sleeping late. I have made it a point to wake up early and start my day with super energy. It was quite difficult in the early days. But I made it a point to keep at least three hours for me before I start for work. And things seemed pretty easy after a month. I am having almost half the day to myself. Also one pro tip, splash cold water when you wake up, this sends a current to your mind and takes away the early morning grogginess.

2. Read books

Warren buffet is always the fascination with which all people from finance background deal with. He is a superstar in his own term. I have always had a keen interest to know about his investment style, his way of living. The most important thing I learned was that he reads a lot. It is said he spends half of his time is reading newspapers and gain knowledge. Also people who are successful have tend to point their success mantra to continuous reading and inculcating knowledge. Reading books for half an hour a day in the morning keeps me enthusiastic and energetic. The knowledge I gain from reading keeps me energy high.

3. Exercise and Meditation

Exercising early in the morning for 15 minutes relaxes the body and mind. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym. It can be normal stretching, sit-ups and some other tits and bits which can help to energise our body and mind. It helps to keep our body and mind at peace. Meditation helps to create inner peace while giving our mind the required free time to relax.

4. Make a to do list/ journaling

Making a to do list helps to know our work better. Make a priority list and get things done. Imaging we point out top 5 things to do daily and complete it with full focus and determination. We complete a whole lot of 25 jobs done in a week’s time with off on weekends. That’s the power of a to do list. It helps to create a thinking in our sub conscious mind of things to do and complete within a stipulated period of time. I have started making a list of orders I need to complete and it is helping me in completing all my orders before time.

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