Happy women’s day

What we observe on women’s day are people who always let women down get their head up and shout at the top of their voice and grim about how cool women are , how great they are and how respectful they are.

Do we really respect them. We all have had beautiful women around us all the time.

As our mother who made us what we are, who taught us every right and wrong, who made us learn all the abcd’s of life.

As our grand mother who loved us beyond imagination , who always pampered us., Who always made us feel the most important in life.

As our sister who made us believe in true friendship, who always took pain so that we get what is right, who fought with us only to make that moment special.

As our wife who is our holder for life, who left her home just to make us a man, who left all luxuries just to make us feel the most wonderful.

As our daughter just to make us a complete family, just to make us smile on her thoughts, just to be over protective.

We men are always surrounded by women and still we under estimate then the most.

To me and to every one else.

Respect women

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