4 day trip to goa

Goa can be defined as a place which is in the list of every youth, desiring to live a carefree life.\n

We have obviously made some insane Goa plans with our friends and then never made it to goa. I also happened to be in one of those college plans that never worked out for some or the other reason.

Goa is a dream destination and there is no doubt about it. Sun, beaches, sand and crazy people, goa has lot to offer.

During this festive weekend, we made our plan to hit the beaches of goa. We planned a four day tour along with cousins and it turned out to be a hell of a trip.
I took a direct flight from Kolkata to Goa. Deltin suites was my first choice of stay in Goa because of the Casino and their lavish hospitality. I would definitely recommend it to every one who wants to enjoy goa and enjoy a good stay. Just at a stretch of 5 minutes from Condolim, the hotel offered pool view rooms and service to acknowledge.

We had already planned for a Holi party and it turned out to be superb. Never ever been to a crazy Holi party then this. Organised every year by Mera events, this party almost gathers all the party lovers. It had a gathering of almost 1500 people when we reached out there. The best of music and color made the party an amazing treat.

From Ravish known to be the best DJs in India, to some cool new rappers made this party an amazing experience.

Goa and beaches are synonyms and the next day we went to the Agoda fort first and then headed to the Calangute beach nearby our hotel. Agoda fort offered beautiful views with Dil Chahata Hai memories.The fort carries powerful history and you began to feel the warmth of the place. I usually don’t like historical forts and temples but because Dil Chahata Hai has been picturised in this fort, it was not to be missed.

Calangute beach was a little disappointment as it was too crowded. We had some food and beer lying there and enjoyed the sun with the Arabian sea.

We had heard about Thallasa having the most amazing sunset views and we didn’t wanted to miss it, so we left the Calangute beach at 4:30 and headed towards Thallasa. It was the best decision for the day. Although it was full booked and we we’re unable to get a place, the place was lively and had beautiful views with sun planning to set.

Thallasa had a swimming pool inside it’s campus and we thoroughly enjoyed our drinks by the pool and sunset.

I will definitely recommend it to everyone going out to Goa, this is a must go place for any one. The only precaution one need to take is that Thallasa is almost booked during the sun set time , so one should make a reservation two days in advance to enjoy a wonderful evening.

We headed back to hotel and took rest for a while, we then headed to Cape Town Cafe in Tito’s lane to enjoy our dinner. Cape Town Cafe offered Street Cafe feel and the crowd was amazing. I found the Tito’s lane to be most lively area in Goa. The cafes and restaurant open up after 6p.m. here and closes early morning at around 5. We left the place at 2 and headed directly to the hotel to have a good night sleep for the amazing day.

The next day was a little sunny so we headed a little late. We went to the Mondrem beach at around 2 in the noon. Mondrem beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. A must for a beach lover. It was all serene there. Blue water, white sand and us. We ordered lunch and some beer and enjoyed our day lying there. Mondrem is one of the peaceful beaches in Goa. If you love water, mondrem is a must go place.

After 4-5 hours we headed to our next destination, the Saturday night market. It was an unusual experience. People with varied crafts displayed their items for the people to shop. One can see Goa’s culture. In those shops. They offered beautiful clothes, handcrafts, leather goods. We had a great time shopping clothes and buying souvenirs for our loved ones.

The next and the last day we headed to the baga beach. It is said if you have been to Goa and not been to baga, you have not been to Goa. Baga beach was all about water sports. The beach was beautiful, we laid down there enjoyed our chitchat time, read books had beer 🍺 and enjoyed the sunset. For lunch we went to brittos having a shack in the baga beach. Brittos is must go place in Goa, the noodles and Manchurian are too yum to miss out for. We did some more shopping on the streets adjacent to the baga beach. What followed was a fun night at Trittos located just adjacent to the Baga Beach.

Goa is a heaven for beach lovers in India.

It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had travelling in India. Goa definitely has to be on a travel list worldwide.

I wish to do it every year.

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