Drape Sarees to look for this wedding season

Indian saree and auspicious ceremonies go hand in hand. Even though gowns and contemporary dresses have taken the fashion market, but love for saree is always preserved. It is always the first choice for looking elegant yet classy. Traditional sarees like Banarsi, Silk, Patola are in huge demand. People love to explore the different styles... Continue Reading →

The story of Patan Patola

THE STORY OF PATAN PATOLA Patan Patola is one of the most beautiful forms of weaves. Patola has a deep rooted history and is considered holy creation. Patola is a double ikat woven saree made in a village named Patan in Gujrat, hence the name Patan Patola. It is considered as the ‘ultimate manifestation of... Continue Reading →

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